In Alexa App, Echo Smart Speaker

Set up Alexa, your friend and companion even are simpler than you thought.

You are in the process of making your smart home smarter with the amazing Amazon’s virtual assistant makes it easy to assemble a voice-activated smart home. Given below are few tips to set up Alexa to work and enter a more convenient living space.

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa takes care of needs and fulfills your wishes meticulously. Alexa can control lights, locks, and much more like lamps thermostats, TV sets and refrigerators.

alexa echo setup

  • Install the Amazon Echo app on your devices. You may download the Amazon app and log in with an Amazon account.
  • Then tap that microphone in the upper corner of the Amazon app
  • Now you can give Alexa a question or command without a help of a smart speaker necessary.
  • However, to set up Alexa Smart home, you have to invite Alexa in.
  • In other words, you have to choose an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot smart speaker.
  • You may plug it in and do the free Wi-Fi pairing with your Alexa app on your mobile device of choice.
  • Besides talking to Alexa without a speaker, it can also control your smart home devices that linked with the Alexa app.

Set up Alexa, anywhere in your smart home

As far as the Alexa is in the range of your home’s Wi-Fi signal and a power outlet, you can put it in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room is up to you depending on the intended use. Your Alexa will

  • Wakes you up in the morning.
  • Turns the lights off as you settle in for a good night’s sleep
  • Turns the thermostat down if the room gets too hot.
  • Act as an intercom (like if you want to call all everyone in the family for dinner)

Set up Alexa to control smart home devices

As lots and lots of different gadgets are coming out practically every day, you can synchronize them all to Alexa.

Part of that Alexa Echo setup process typically involves giving your device a name you can assign each gadget a name, introduce them to Alexa and ask Alexa to do the rest.

Even you can ask Alexa to discover new devices. After few seconds of scanning, Alexa will add whatever gadgets she finds into the Alexa app, and you’ll be ready to start telling her to control them.

The app has a section called Smart Home Skills which will enable you to search such as Lutron and Nest. You need to provide your login credentials to authorize Alexa to take control.

Set up Alexa for groups and scenes

You may have to start grouping gadgets in case you want Alexa to control more than one or two devices, and then you’ll probably want to start grouping things to control more than one device at a time using one single Alexa command.

Groups are just what they sound like — multiple devices tied together behind a single group name. For instance, if you have two smart bulbs in your kitchen called “kitchen light 1” and “kitchen light 2,” you might create a group called “kitchen lights” that includes both of them. Then, you could turn both lights on at once by saying “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights.”

Set Up an Alexa Smart Home

To make a group, just go to the smart home section of the Alexa app and tap on “Groups.” Select “Create Group,” then give it a name and select the devices you wish it to include.

Scenes allow let you bring multiple devices to pre-established settings all at once. Scenes are a bit different than groups because you don’t create them in the Alexa app. Instead, you import scenes in from your devices themselves, provided that those devices’ apps offer a way to create them.

Lifx color-changing smart bulbs are a good example. In the Lifx app, you can create scenes that can bring several bulbs to specific color and brightness settings all at once.

You can improve your Alexa smart home Alexa Echo setup as you go by making tweaks to your devices and the way you keep them organized.

Setup Alexa to control cameras

That fine-tuning can help guide you through a gradual expansion of your Alexa Echo setup. Start small, get comfortable with how Alexa works, and then build outwards, bit by bit.

It won’t take long for your Alexa-powered smart home to take shape. (Few Alexa models have a display can show video from connected cameras.   You can view cameras on Fire tablets using Alexa.)

Alexa Echo Setup for groups and scenes

You may have to start grouping gadgets in case you want Alexa to control more than one or two devices, then you’ll probably want to start grouping things together so you can control more than one device at a time using a single Alexa command. You’ve got two ways to do this: groups and scenes.


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