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About Amazon Echo Dot

Just like a smart, voice controlled and hands-free device, Amazon Echo Dot uses voice recognition to work. Echo Dot identifies the voice of user follows the commands of the user in a best possible manner. Echo dot can update you about the weather forecast, play your favorite songs and can be your complete communication and entertainment partner.

You can access the lot more features but for that, you need to set up and install the Echo Dot device in the right way.

Echo Dot – Setup and Configuration

Echo Dot set up in the right way is very important to assure the smooth functioning of your Echo device, otherwise, it becomes very difficult to deal with Echo Dot device. Always follow the right way for device setup.  

Here are some important steps you need to follow to successfully setup your Echo Device:

Unbox the device

Unbox your device to place it in some convenient location.

Plugin the device

Now, you need to plug-in the device into the power socket. Your device is all set to use.

Download the Alexa App

Download the Alexa app on your Computer or mobile phone. Alexa will be a driving force for your Echo Device.

Open the Alexa App

Open the Alexa app and give the voice commands. Alexa will listen to your commands and follow the instructions.

Alexa detects your  Echo device

Alexa app need to detect your Echo Device so make sure that you have connected the device to the power outlet.

WIFI connectivity

Connect your device with Home WIFI network and check out the connectivity errors. If any error exists then you need to troubleshoot that issue as soon as possible.

Wait for the process completion

Wait until the entire process gets successfully completed. After the process completion, you can use your device.

Start working

Once you are done with the process, give the voice command to start working with the device.

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