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Alexa is one of the marvelous innovations introduced by the Amazon. Alexa can Assist you in a number of ways, from setting schedules to preparing the shopping list to control the Smart home device, Alexa can do a lot of things for you.

Once you have connected the Alexa to the computer or Echo device, you can use the Alexa to control your smart home device, you can turn on or off your computer remotely. So, connect the Alexa with your computer now and enjoy using the Amazing features.

So, let’s have a look at how you can use the Alexa for the computer:

In present, Alexa for PC is only supported by the Desktop and laptops having windows10. You can install the app on your computer or desktop, usually, the app comes preinstalled.

To check whether the Alexa is already installed on your system or not, you can write the Alexa in the search box. If the app appears in the search results then the app is already installed but if it is not displaying in the results then you can download the app.

If the Alexa app is available on your Windows 10 device then set up the app  and start using the application

  • Click on the start and choose the “Alexa on windows” app.
  • Choose “Set up Amazon Alexa”  when the setup screen displays.
  • On the Terms and Conditions screen, select the Continue.
  • Choose the settings as per your requirements and click on “finish setup”. If you want to change the settings later, you can do it as per your requirement.
  • Choose “Sign in “ option for signing in to the Amazon Account. If you do not have an Amazon Account then you can create the new one.

TIP- You can start using Alexa by saying the Wake word “Alexa” followed by the command.  Select “Alexa for Windows” icon to start the Alexa app.

Use Alexa as a “Computer Speaker”

If you are using an Echo device and your computer supports the Bluetooth connectivity then you can pair the Alexa with your computer and use the Alexa as a speaker for your computer.

Pair a Windows computer with Echo

  • First of all, login to your Alexa Account.
  • Choose settings from the left pane.
  • From the list of devices, choose echo.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • Choose “Pair a new device”, Alexa will start searching for the new devices.
  • Open the search box on computer present in the start menu.
  • Type Bluetooth. In the System settings, open the Bluetooth settings.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and your system is easily discoverable.
  • Choose “Add Bluetooth or other devices”. Under the device type, select Bluetooth.
  • Choose the Echo from the list of devices and click on the “Done”. Your Echo and computer are now connected to each other.
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