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Here are the steps you need to follow to pair Alexa with your smartphone using Bluetooth so that use Alexa via Bluetooth connection. Using a Bluetooth device can be the better option to a podcast as podcasting in Alexa is still bit lacking.

A small setup is required to connect Alexa with Bluetooth, but after that, you can connect it any time just by using your voice.

Quick steps to connect Alexa with Bluetooth device.

  • Open your Bluetooth and put in in a pairing mode.
  • Open your Alexa app and go to “menu”
  • Click on “settings” and the “Alexa device”.
  • Click on “Bluetooth”.
  • Now “Pair a new device”.
  • Choose your device and connect it.

Pairing your device for the first time? here are the steps you need to follow:

 Turn on the Bluetooth of your device.

Open your smartphone settings and then go to the “Bluetooth settings”.

On Android

  • Open “settings”.
  • Click on “connected devices”  and tap the switch to “ON”.


  • Open “settings”.
  • Open  “Bluetooth” and tap “ON”.

Make sure your device is discoverable to pair Bluetooth device to Alexa:

Sometimes, this is often known as the pairing mode on a few devices. Most of the devices are discoverable once you have enabled the Bluetooth from the setting page.

If you want to pair the “Bluetooth speakers” without a screen, then you must go through the manual to know about the steps required to perform for putting it into the “Pairing mode”.

Open the Alexa app

The icon is “Blue speech bubble” having a white outline.

the 3 line icon present at the upper left corner.

“Settings” which is the second last option present near the bottom.

 “Alexa Device”  which you want to pair with your phone.

“Bluetooth” and then “Pair new device”, Alexa app will search for the Bluetooth device nearby.

At last, Tap on the “Device name” when it will get appeared. Once your device has been paired, you can disconnect it anytime with voice command.    

Pair Bluetooth device to Alexa by using the voice commands:

  • “Alexa” is the default wake command, but if you have changed it to any other command, the make use of wake command that you have used previously.
  • Ask Alexa to pair the device, Alexa will get connected only to the device which has been paired early and if there are two devices to connect the first priority will be the device connected last.
  • Ask Alexa to get disconnected from the device- give a command “Alexa disconnect” and the Alexa will get disconnected. You can also use the word “unpair’ in the place of disconnect.
  • If you have more than one device and you are facing the trouble in connecting the device using the voice command than you can use Alexa to connect the device.

If unable to pair Bluetooth device to Alexa contact Alexa expert @ 877-213-7013.

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