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Technology has changed the way the world functions. With every passing day, technology is getting more advanced in every aspect. Recently, Amazon Company launched a range of smart speaker Amazon Echo, Echo dot and Echo Tap. The main feature about these speakers is that they are voice integrated and have a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant. This service is named as Alexa and responds to the voice commands.

The speakers are a next-generation product. They can perform a lot of functions and are capable of doing all kinds of tasks such as playing music, changing the lighting setup, setting alarms, playing podcasts, making to-do lists etc. In a nutshell, these speakers will turn your house into a smart home.

The speakers are dependent on the Wi-Fi connection that must be of good frequency. Further, you can connect devices of different brands such as Philips, Inkwell, Wink etc.

You get the option of Bluetooth connectivity as well. Initially, the Echo was being given out to its prime member. The Company saw the potential in the product and in the year 2016, it was given out to the public. The company came up with the idea of Echo, to expand its product base and enter the market of smarter technological products

However, people are facing some of the common flaws related to the speakers. One of the most common errors is that the Amazon Echo won’t connect to the Wi-Fi. In order to fix this issue, the Amazon Echo troubleshooting will help out the consumers. In order to go ahead with the Alexa Echo Wi-Fi setup, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Steps to Connect Echo to WiFi

First, you need to place the product in an area where you get a good connectivity with the Wi-Fi. This will give you a stable wifi connection and you won’t face any network problems.

Plug your device into the electricity socket and then access the Alexa app. In order to get started, you need to have the Alexa Echo setup app.

connect echo to wifi

Talk to Alexa and say “ go to settings”. You can even scroll down on your own. Then select the settings option and select the Wi-Fi option. Once the networks pop up on the screen, you can connect echo to WiFi. In case you are not able to view the network on the list, you can go to advanced options and fix the issue.

In order to connect other Echo devices to the Wi-Fi

  • Scroll through the Alexa app and then go to settings from the Menu option. Select the device that you want to connect echo to WiFi and then select Update Wi-Fi option. In case you are adding a new device, click on the Select a new device option.
  • On the device, press the Action button and keep on holding it until the light ring turns to orange. Once this is done, your mobile device will get connected to the Echo and a list of all the Wi-Fi networks shall appear in the application.
  • Then go to the networks and choose the Wi-Fi network. Once this is done, enter the password and go ahead. If the Alexa Wi-Fi setup problem still persists, you can rescan the Wi-Fi network or add the network manually.

For your convenience of the Alexa Echo set up, you can choose the following steps to go through the connection process:

Echo Alexa Setup

MAC address: For your ease and convenience, you can add the device to the list of approved devices. In order to ace this issue, you need to provide Alexa’s device mac address. This can be viewed by scrolling through the Alexa app from the settings option and then choosing the MAC address option.

You can save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon: In order to skip all these steps, all you can do is save the Wi-Fi password to your Amazon account. This can be done by setting up the Alexa app. In case you are switching between various Wi-Fi networks, you can always come back to the saved network. The hassle of manually setting up everything all the time shall be skipped.

You can just select the network and you will be notified with a message on the Alexa app about the connection. You can get started by using the Alexa app and can add a hint of convenience to your life.


This is one of the most and entertaining products launched by the Amazon people. They also provide a comfortable and luxurious life along with entertainment. The Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant that has the capability of giving the quick response to the voice commands.

Ranging from the podcasts, weather reports, changing the temperature and lights and playing the desired music, it does everything. It is definitely one of the best products on the market that have become a huge hit.


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