Echo Dot is a 2nd generation, the voice-controlled hands-free device which plays music, send and receive messages, control smart home devices, provide calling facility, set music alarms, read the news, control amazon videos on fire TV and much more.

It has smart features which work as a smart assistant in the kitchen, smart alarm clock in the bedroom, and anywhere at your home where you desire for smart voice controlled assistance.

But, for the productive outcomes, we always require a right guidance and same for using Echo Dot products. So, if you want customer support service, for Echo Dot issues, then call us at +877-213-7013. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to help you.

Echo Dot Setup Instructions

You can place the Echo Dot at any desired location, it can be your living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other location where you require a voice-controlled system. You can also use Echo Dot without Alexa devices.

Echo Dot Setup

Before, you start using Alexa voice service and Echo Dot, connect Echo Dot to the WIFI network and from Alexa app register it to the Amazon account. For Amazon Echo Dot Setup.


  • First, download the Alexa app and sign in.


This will allow you to manage our alarms, set up your device, manage the shopping list, music and more. Alexa app is available for the tablet and Phone. Download the Alexa app from the app store.


  • Turn on Echo Dot.


Turn on the echo dot and make sure it is approx 20 cm away from the walls. Plug in the adapter. First light will be blue, then orange. When the light is orange Alexa will greet you.

Note – It is suggested that not to use phone charges to power the echo dot.

Connect the Echo Dot to Wifi and get your Echo Dot app started.

Follow the instructions in the Alexa app to built the connection.

  • If you set-up process is not getting started automatically, then press and hold the device action button and till the light gets turned into orange. After that, from the menu, open the Alexa app and choose Alexa devices> Add Alexa Device.
  • If the device is not getting connected to the network, then unplug the device and plug-in again. If you still facing the issues, then, reset the device to its factory settings. To know more, visit “reset your Echo device”.
  • Talk to Alexa

Start by saying “ Wake Word” and after that speak naturally to the Alexa. By default, your echo device is set to respond back to “wake word”Alexa, if you want to change it, you can do it anytime. For changing the wake word by voice instruction, you can say “ change the wake word”.

echo dot support

You can introduce the same changes in Alexa app. Go to the Menu<<Alexa devices. Choose the Echo device and then select “Wake Word”.


  • Optional- Connect the external Speaker with your Echo Dot.


You can also connect the external speaker with echo dot app through Bluetooth or audio cable after Echo Dot setup.

Echo Dot Support  – Amazon

Echo dot can be the great choice for handling certain task through smart voice-enabled systems. But, for this, you require to have proper setup and configuration for the Echo Dot. Possibilities of issues are always there.

Some of the common issues that you might face with the Echo Dot are mentioned below:

  • Amazon Echo is not connecting to Network
  • Amazon Echo Dot registration failure.
  • Difficulty in the understanding of the light ring.
  • Alexa is not able to find out your home devices.
  • Alexa disconnected from the WIFI.
  • Getting the unwanted calls and messages.
  • The sound of notification and alarm is too loud.
  • Facing issues in playing the music over external speaker.

You might not able to enjoy the amazing advantages of Amazon Echo Dot. thus, you require an Echo Dot Support and this is for what we are here. Our expert technicians can help you with all these issues related to the Amazon Alexa dot app.  So, if your Echo Dot is not connecting, do not get stressed out as we are here to help you.

All you need to call us on our Echo Dot customer support number and we will provide the right solution for all the queries.

Feel free to call us anytime for the echo dot support. Over Customer Support Services  Echo Dot are available 24/7/ so, get the right solution for the issues from our technical experts.